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Granite is a naturally occurring stone. It is primarily used for kitchen countertops because granite is resistant to acids and because it is a hard material. You can also see granite be use in bathrooms. Because it has pores, it needs to be sealed before used or it will leave stains. Granite is different from tile in that it doesn't have as much seams. Unless you have a small kitchen that one slab (piece of large granite) can cover, you will have to combine several slabs but the seams will be much smaller than tile. Granite lasts a long time and has a polished look with care. A couple times per year you can polish your granite countertops so they remain smooth and reflective. Otherwise, daily care consists of using coasters for drinks, not placing hot dishes directly on the granite, and by wiping it down with stone soaps or simply use a mild dishwashing detergent. 

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